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Kakwa has created props, wardrobe, and set-dec items for many film and television productions, as well as providing technical consulting.


  • Lonesome Dove - The Series (TV series starring Scott Baristow and Eric McCormack)

  • Jack Bull (Movie of the Week starring John Goodman, John Cusack, and Rodney A. Grant)

  • Shanghai Noon (Box Office Feature starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson)

  • The Virginian (Movie of the Week starring Bill Pullman)

  • Crossfire Trail (Movie of the Week starring Tom Selleck and Mark Harmon)

  • Papa's Angels (Movie of the Week starring Scott Bakula)

  • Heartland Ghost (Movie of the Week starring Beau Bridges and Nia Long)

  • Roughing It (Movie of the Week starring James Garner)

  • Dream Keeper (TV mini-series starring August Schellenberg and Gary Farmer)

  • Monte Walsh (Movie of the Week starring Tom Selleck, Isabella Rosselini, and Keith Carradine)

  • Open Range (Box Office Feature starring Kevin Costner, Robert Duvall, and Annette Benning)

  • Legend Hunters (Documentary TV series - Discovery Channel)

  • Moccasin Flats (TV series starring Gordon Tootoosis)

  • Little House On The Prairie (TV mini-series starring Cameron Bancroft)

  • Shoebox Zoo (TV series starring Gordon Tootoosis)

  • The New World (Box Office Feature starring Colin Farrell)

  • Into The West (TV mini-series starring Beau Bridges, Matthew Settle, and Skeet Ulrich)

  • Crime Stories (Documentary TV series - The Learning Channel)

  • The Caretaker (Independant short film)

  • Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (Movie of the Week starring Adam Beach and Annie Paquin)

  • Re-Inventors II (Documentary TV series - The History Channel)

  • Night At The Museum 2 - Battle Of The Smithsonian (Box Office Feature starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, and Owen Wilson)

  • The Revenant (Box Office Feature starring Leonardo DiCaprio)

  • Lewis & Clark (TV mini-series starring Casey Affleck and Matthias Schoenaerts)


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