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Kakwa has created an Aboriginal education package that is used as a hands-on teaching aid for school curriculums, covering the history of pre-contact Canada and the North America fur trade.

These items are replicas (with the exception of the genuine antique trade beads) of everyday objects used in various regions.  The entire package functions as a miniature museum, which can be expanded as new products are developed.


Left to right: Seal Scratcher, Snow Goggles, Quilliq, Ice Cleat

Hide Sample Book

Left to right:  Double Ball Game,

Rattler Game, Bone Toss Game

Firestarter Kit

Cattail Duck Decoys

Left to right:  Smoke-tanned Awl Case

with Bone Awl & Bone Needle,

Bone Comb, Twig Comb

Left to right:  Bone Flesher, Stone-bladed Hide Scraper

Left to right:  1 Piece Bone Fish Hook,

Bone Gorge, 2 Piece Bone Fish Hook,

Bone Harpoon Head

Adornment Timeline

The Aboriginal Resource Kit boasts over 90 items, including: fleshers; awls; needles; scrapers; combs; clothing; samples of seeds, shells, and quills; earth pigments; hide samples; dolls; games; trade bead charts; firesteels & flint pieces; and much more.

These items are only available for educational purposes.  Organizations may send a fax on letterhead to Kakwa at 306-738-4900 for a complete Instutional price list, or email for more information.

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